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Happy Holidays!
Queen Nessa2020-12-04 15:49:51
The Clan Trees and Holiday Gift Shoppe are now open. Compete with your Clan to see who can decorate the best tree, or buy someone special a gift to show them how you feel about them.
The Holiday Trinkets shop is located in the Shire Offices street

Generic Winter Holiday
Queen Nessa2019-12-11 15:18:33
The holiday season is upon us. The gift shops are open for those that wish to send gifts to their friends. We have the Warrior's and Traveller's Shop in Nathyrnn proper, as well as Gift for the Moment, DarkRaven's Tokens and a Holiday Trinkets shop on the Shire Office street. Any gifts purchased in the Holiday Trinkets shop will be delivered via the stockings in The Serpent's Head Inn on La Bonne Vie by the Fireplace on Dec 25.

HunterD's 9/11 Memorial Radio Show
Queen Nessa2019-09-11 14:17:07
You are invited to tune in to HunterD's annual 9/11 Memorial Radio Show tonight at 6 pm NT (7 pm EDT) on RPGLink radio. A link to the radio is in your right hand navs below your stats.

Celebration of Spring and Tournament
Queen Nessa2019-04-23 17:45:29
It is the turning of the seasons, and with the rebirth of Spring let us breath some life into the realm. On May 4th, at 6pm NT (7pm EST), we will hold a sparring tournement like in the glory days of King Maxkillian and Queen Ardrill. If you wish to join simply send a scroll to Nessa.

To go along with this tournament we will be holding a party in the Gardens at the same time. The party will run from
4pm NT (5pm EST) until 11pm NT (12am EST). Come out to celebrate Spring, rebirth, life and let's bring some life back to this wonderful realm.

New RPGLink Site Elysium
Queen Nessa2019-04-19 17:00:33
A new RPGLink site has just opened today.
Elysium is a fantasy, medieval setting, but has a touch of the modern. There are only 4 races available, but you should be able to find one that will fit you. Perhaps you would like to take a look?
Clocks Falling Back
Queen Nessa2018-11-03 18:35:50
Tonight the clocks go back one hour at 2 am EST. At that time, as the server adjusts, you will be kicked off the site, and you be unable to log back in for some time. Once ther server is settled everything will go back to normal.

Poll: New Modules
Queen Nessa2018-08-14 11:45:40
We are looking at adding new modules to the site. Take a look at the options and let us know which you want. Any other suggestions can be sent in by petition and will be looked into. Thank you.
New Day Skipper - This allows you to skip the New Day screen on the system new day. You still get the benefits such as interest, more turns and such but you don't get the screen. (4 - 28.6%)
Fight Until End - This will allow the option to fight until the end of the fight, instead of round by round, however the option will still be available to fight by round. (10 - 71.4%)

Fables of the Fae is now live
Queen Nessa2018-08-12 16:55:56
The creators of Silverwine have created a new RPGLink site!!

••Grand Opening of
Fables of the Fae••

Present day in the real world, things are going rather average. However, that is until the barrier between the fairy Tale world and the real world was damaged, the Pagemaster opening the veil and all hell breaking loose. Now, fairy tale characters are getting trapped in the real world and humans are getting lost in the fairy tale world.

Will they ever find their way home? Will the veil ever be closed? The only thing that remains intact is their memories, the fae not forgetting who they are. Traveling back and forth between places will not be easy, do you have what it takes to solve this mystery?

New RPGLink Site
Queen Nessa2018-08-09 04:31:01
Hello Nathicans,

A new
RPGLink site has opened recently,
Rise of the Kujitai So be sure to go and check it out.

The Kujitai Order founded and ruled over this land for over five centuries. The Kujitai were a society of women warriors, who mostly lived apart from the society over which they ruled. They were benevolent, yet secretive; their ways and deepest training a mystery to most in the Realm. As was the Kujitai tradition, trainees achieving the rank of Daimyo were sent out into the wider world, to seek enlightenment and their own path towards becoming Shogun. In that time, a young Daimyo was permitted to train warriors in the realm, both men and women - though certain teachings were forbidden to men. This, then, was the true test of a Daimyo, since these restrictions would seem to be at odds with the code of honor by which the Kujitai lived.
Sixty years ago a young, rebellious Daimyo broke with tradition and began to train men in the forbidden arts, resulting in the collapse of the Kujitai Order. Rebels gained control of the realm while the Order was in disarray - aided by the Angels and Celestials of Zebulon, who took sides because the Kujitai worshiped the Goddess-Protector Quan-Yin, and not their God.
In this time, the town of Kujita remains a home to the former rulers of this land, who now live almost in exile. Ten years ago, a young woman warrior, born of the new ruling family, became fascinated with the ways of the old Kujitai Order, and sought to learn them from the bands of Kujitai who still roam the Forests of the realm. For this, the Princess was disowned by the royal family and stripped of all title and inheritance. She took the name 'Kaminari', and began training warriors - both men and women - in the ways of the Kujitai, in hopes of reconstituting the old Kujitai Order...without the weakness that had brought the old Kujitai Order down. Do you have what it takes to learn the ways of the Kujitai and take a place in the new Kujitai Order??

RPGLink is looking for DJs
Queen Nessa2018-06-30 18:25:10
RPGLink is looking to restart the radio is looking for DJs to play. If you are willing and have a solid connection to the web please email for information and to apply. Thank you.

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