A shop door stands open to the lane in Cash Pass. Behind pristine windows, a burly Troll perched on an improbably small stool waits for customers. As you enter, he calls out something in the guttural language that is used Trolls or Uz, as they call themselves. Ardrill steps out from a doorway to a back room and smiles revealing sharpened teeth framed by large tusks sheathed in lead.

Welcome! You must have some real cash weighing you down since you have choosen to visit this shop. As you fumble for sacks of gold and a pouch of gems, the Trolless shakes her head and says None of that virtual coins of the realm will do here. You need cold cash, greenbacks, smollia, cheddar, Benjamins, scratch, you know folding money. Tossing a sparkling gem in the air, she catches it and says This folderol don't pay the bulldog here. Seeing your crestfallen expression, Ardrill laughs and says Don't be sad. You don't need much to get some really cool things, things that will really help you as a warrior, things that will keep the rain off your head and keep you styling.

Stepping behind the counter, the Troll says If you have never considered purchasing items here, let me tell you how it works. As usual, Nathyrnn is a bit different from most places. We love to get donations, that show of support from the heart that illustrate just how meaningless life would be without the realm, but let's get real. Getting goodies is what is all about, at least until you get a big enough pile of goodies. We know this and we want to fill that void that cries out for stuff. So let me show you the things we offer and what it will cost you.


Gems ...... 5,000 per $1.00
Gold ......50,000 coins per $1.00
Empire Gems ...... $1.00 each

Building Materials & Generally Useful Things:
1,000 grams of copper, iron or mythrll ...... $1.00 each
NEW DAY BUTTON for 1 Month ...... $10.00

Custom Items:
Custom Pet ...... $5.00
Custom Relics ...... 1 for $10.00, 3 for $20.00 or A FULL SET of 7 for $30.00
Relic Upgrade ...... $5.00 for the SET
Custom Mounts ...... Superior for $20.00 & Exquisite for $30.00

Commission a Pet for the Pet Shop...... $1.00 each
Commission a monster for a combat area ...... $1.00 each
Commission a monster based on an on-site character ...... $2.00 each
Commission a Drink ...... $5.00 for Well Drinks & $10.00 for Top Shelf
Commission a shop for 3 months ...... $5.00

And only in NathyrnN ...
Commission a Special Event in the Square ...... $10.00
There are only 4 of these available. You can select the nature, name and story behind one of those chance encounters in the square, such as the pesky woman who sells peculiar goods for your lover. Your concept will be prepared to your specifications and put on show for the realm.

Payment Options:
PayPal (The button marked Donate to Site Admin ONLY)
Pay by check or Money Order (Make checks/money orders payable to Jessica Saelzer)
All purchases receive 50 donation points for each dollar spent.


The Troll smiles and says Have I succeeded in tempting you? If you are interested in any of these items, just send in your payment and petition your items. We pride ourselves on providing quality products at a reasonable price for the discerning shopper!

The troll leans over the counter and says Now please understand that we appreciate all donations. They let us hire technical staff to bring more ideas to life and to purchase software to add to the options for all the players. Maxkillian and I are truly grateful to those of you whose to provide this level of support.
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