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Happy Holidays!
Queen Nessa2020-12-04 15:49:51
The Clan Trees and Holiday Gift Shoppe are now open. Compete with your Clan to see who can decorate the best tree, or buy someone special a gift to show them how you feel about them.
The Holiday Trinkets shop is located in the Shire Offices street

News for Wed, Mar 3, 2021
Vassal Vivianna has defeated her master, Shadow Warrior at Iceman's Academy to advance to level 5 after 10 days!!

Today the kingdom spent 38 gold tracking down and killing people who nom and pounce huggle. An appreciative citizenry cheered as the violator's heads were stuck on pikes outside the walls of the Capital City.
In Realm (1 Warriors):
Vassal Vivianna


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