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Generic Winter Holiday
Queen Nessa2019-12-11 15:18:33
The holiday season is upon us. The gift shops are open for those that wish to send gifts to their friends. We have the Warrior's and Traveller's Shop in Nathyrnn proper, as well as Gift for the Moment, DarkRaven's Tokens and a Holiday Trinkets shop on the Shire Office street. Any gifts purchased in the Holiday Trinkets shop will be delivered via the stockings in The Serpent's Head Inn on La Bonne Vie by the Fireplace on Dec 25.

News for Fri, Jul 10, 2020
Today the kingdom spent 89 gold tracking down and killing people who nom and pounce huggle. An appreciative citizenry cheered as the violator's heads were stuck on pikes outside the walls of the Capital City.
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