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Celebration of Spring and Tournament
Queen Nessa2019-04-23 17:45:29
It is the turning of the seasons, and with the rebirth of Spring let us breath some life into the realm. On May 4th, at 6pm NT (7pm EST), we will hold a sparring tournement like in the glory days of King Maxkillian and Queen Ardrill. If you wish to join simply send a scroll to Nessa.

To go along with this tournament we will be holding a party in the Gardens at the same time. The party will run from
4pm NT (5pm EST) until 11pm NT (12am EST). Come out to celebrate Spring, rebirth, life and let's bring some life back to this wonderful realm.

News for Fri, May 24, 2019
Today the kingdom spent 95 gold tracking down and killing people who nom and pounce huggle. An appreciative citizenry cheered as the violator's heads were stuck on pikes outside the walls of the Capital City.
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