Nathyrnn Message of the Day (MoTD)
RPGLink is looking for DJs
Queen Nessa2018-06-30 18:25:10
RPGLink is looking to restart the radio is looking for DJs to play. If you are willing and have a solid connection to the web please email for information and to apply. Thank you.

Scavenger Hunt
Queen Nessa2018-04-06 14:10:42
Hidden around the realm, in strategic, helpful places, are 14 Spring Tokens. Find them all and petition in where you found them. Please put all locations in a single petition. This scavenger hunt will run until Sunday April 8 at 7pm NT (8pm EST).

Spring Meet & Greet
Queen Nessa2018-04-01 12:18:13
Greetings and a Happy Easter to all our players and staff.

It has been a while since the citizens of our fine realm have gathered together so the Queen as decided that a social will be held in the
Gardens on April 6-7 starting at 6pm NT (7pm EST) on the Friday and running through until late Saturday. There will be a small participation prize to all that attend.

Also, for those who are not in the RP mood there will be a small scavenger hunt that will take place all weekend. This is will help newer citizens (and older citizens too) find their way around our realm. The clues will be posted April 6th as the social begins.

We look forward to seeing the citizens of our fine realm come out and meet each other.

Nessa, Queen of Nathyrnn

Spring Forward
Queen Nessa2018-03-10 17:52:20
Please remember that the clocks move forward tonight. You will be unable to login for a little while at 1pm NT (2 pm EST) while the servers are switching over.

Dark Kingdom RPG
Queen Nessa2018-03-01 15:59:42
A new RPGLink site has just opened,
Dark Kingdom RPG. Go and show them some love and welcome them to the server.
Poll: Opinion Poll
Queen Nessa2018-02-23 16:35:08
We want
YOU! The staff of Nathyrnn are looking for ways to bring you, and others like you, back to the realm, but we need your help. Tell us what things you would like to see more of.
Unique RP Storylines (0 - 0%)
Contests (1 - 20%)
RP Events (Balls, Parties, Social Events) (3 - 60%)
MRPs/Small Group Mission RPs (0 - 0%)
Trivia (1 - 20%)

Happy Valentine's Day
Queen Nessa2018-02-14 13:53:32
There is a special gift for anyone that petitions in between today and Friday February 16.

RPGLink Radio
Queen Nessa2017-12-23 10:55:39
Now playing on Channel 1..... Christmas Music!!!

HunterD's 9/11 Memorial Radio Show
Queen Nessa2017-09-05 13:19:00
We would like to let everyone know that
HunterD's annual 9/11 Memorial Radio Show will be taking place on Monday, September 11th at 8pm EST on the RPGLink Radio.
If you wish to listen in there is a listen link near the bottom of your right hand Navs.

Forest Creatures Contest
Queen Nessa2017-09-02 18:40:04
Hey Nathicans.

Ever wanted to leave your mark on the realm? Well here is your chance! The forest is in need of some new creatures and we want your help. You can choose whether you want to colour your creatures or not. All we need is the name of your creature and the weapon that your creature would use. You can even use your own character if you want.

For every creature that you submit you will be awarded 100 DPs and 10 Gems of the Empire, and your name will be listed in the description of the creature. Please petition in any submissions by September 23. Thank you.

The Staff of Nathyrnn

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