Nathyrnn Message of the Day (MoTD)
New Stuff
Queen Nessa2017-04-13 16:37:25
Hey there Nathicans!
As you are wandering the realm you might notice a few changes around. First of all all chat is now LIVE! This can be turned off in your preferences if you do not wish to use it. As well, as part of updating some of the modules on site you will find that you now need to enter your birth date to verify your account. Keep an eye out for some more fun and better updates over the next little while.

Queen Nessa

Queen Nessa2017-01-01 14:37:34
Happy New Year Nathicans! Thank you so much for playing here, I truly appreciate it. Hopefully this year we will be able to get some more large and small scale realm rps going on, I already have one or two in the planning stages. If anyone has any ideas for realm-wide rps please YOM me to see if we can set them up.

Christmas Gifts
Queen Nessa2016-12-09 13:14:58
A reminder that the Christmas Shop is open. You can find it in the Shire Offices Street. Send a gift to someone special, either anonymously or not. They will be able to pick up their gifts at The Serpent's Head Inn after the 25th at the fireplace. If you get a gift with RP bonuses please petition them in to have the bonuses attached to your stats.

RPGLink Radio
Queen Nessa2016-11-01 12:39:45
The RPGLink Radio is now live with DJ Silence

RPGLink Radio
Queen Nessa2016-10-31 19:06:52
If you look about 3/4 of the way down on the left hand navs you will notice that we have a music player. This is the RPGLink Radio. When one shows online you can click the listen link and a pop up window will open the radio to listen. Go and give the radio a listen!

Forest Creatures
Queen Nessa2016-09-16 13:26:13
For those that fight in the forest, if you notice one of the creatures where the color codes aren't working or the name is wrong please petition it in. with your level, so that it maybe fixed. There might even be a small reward for you as well.

New Module
Queen Nessa2016-09-16 13:11:08
For help in the missions, or in regular RP if you are so inclined, we now have a dice roller on site. To use the roller simply type ~roll 1D100 (as most roles for the mission use 100 sided die) or which over sided die you would like.

9/11 Radio Show
Queen Nessa2016-09-11 18:31:16
HunterD is playing the 4th Annual RPGLink 9/11 Memorial Radio Program on Channel 1 at

Placing the Ward Stones - Part 2
Queen Nessa2016-09-08 18:29:21
Sunday September 11 at 4pm NT

The next ward stone needs to be placed in the Ancient Elven Forest. Team members will need to be comfortable in the forest.

Anyone else wishing to join please YOM Nessa

New Purdy Colours
Queen Nessa2016-08-28 14:28:26
Hey guys, A big thank you to Rayn who has put in some new colours for us. All colours are listed in the Forum under the Information Category, but here are the new ones.

* = Deep Red
8 = Dark Pink
R = Petal Pink
S = Bright Yellow
z = Pale Orange
Z = Dark Orange

If the colours look grey to you you will need to clear your cache to be able to see them. If there are any other colours you would like to see please either YOM myself or send in a petition and we will see about getting them in.


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