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Warriors of the Realm (Page 1:1-50 of 78)
Well-Being Combat PrestigeNom de GuerreEnsconcedBreedGenderLast Seen
Living 18 daggershade Nathyrnn Devil Dog Female 1067 days
Living 15 Champion of Nathyrnn Iceman Pete Inside dwelling Storm Giant Male 2 days
Left for Dead 15 * FOUNDER * LAD Y Claire Nathyrnn Elf Female 1222 days
Left for Dead 14 Alchemist Ralph Nathyrnn, The `0 Horrible Gelatinous Blob Female 2199 days
Left for Dead 14 Mina Kakashi Inside dwelling DarkElf Female 1936 days
Left for Dead 14 The Warden, Azize Nathyrnn Human Female 195 days
Living 12 Arwen Nathyrnn Elf Female 14 days
Living 12 Stewardess djoser Inside dwelling Felyne Female 339 days
Left for Dead 12 Dangerous Toy Nathyrnn Human Male 1914 days
Living 11 Nightmare Katia Inside dwelling Wasseler Race Female 16 days
Living 11 Heartless Morta Inside dwelling Elf Female 16 days
Left for Dead 11 Lost One Reina Nathyrnn Human Female 306 days
Left for Dead 10 Dark Elf Dagon Nathyrnn DarkElf Male 17 days
Left for Dead 10 The Keeper, Enyr Nathyrnn Human Female 44 days
Left for Dead 9 Minor Goddess millerfor Nathyrnn, The `0 Horrible Gelatinous Blob Female 3645 days
Living 9 Jura The Serpe Human Male 3 days
Living 9 Ayla Clan Barracks Troll Male 9 days
Left for Dead 9 Rube Mistress Inside dwelling Mine Male 1516 days
Living 8 Warmonger Ardrill Inside dwelling Troll Male 1485 days
Left for Dead 8 Baron ataka River Lands Barbarian Male 235 days
Left for Dead 7 Hatamoto Boyd Nathyrnn Troll Female 1166 days
Living 7 wife to hero Nathyrnn shanta Inside dwelling Vampire Female 16 days
Living 6 Valmeyjar Allysyia The Grotto Wasseler Race Male 63 days
Living 6 Ayatollah quenivere The Serpe Wyvren Female 2 days
Living 6 Treacherous Terra Nathyrnn DarkElf Female 14 days
Left for Dead 6 Marius Nathyrnn Devil Dog Male 56 days
Living 5 Hero of Nathyrnn Daragon The Serpe Dragon Rider Male 123 days
Fallen 5 Femme Regent Ruth Nathyrnn Wasseler Race Female 17 days
Living 5 Zuhkov The Serpe Human Male 1899 days
Living 5 Ariella The Grotto Faerie Male 377 days
Left for Dead 5 Rube Shelz Wulfgael Nathyrnn Human Female 76 days
Living 5 Rube SilverStar Inside dwelling Elf Female 66 days
Living 5 EvilySweet Inside dwelling DarkElf Female 3 days
Left for Dead 5 Rube Malos Ancient Elven Forest Elf Male 623 days
Left for Dead 5 Rube Rowan Nathyrnn Elf Female 66 days
Living 4 Queen Baby Girl Inside dwelling Acolytes Male 1435 days
Fallen 4 Syndriath The Foothills Wyvren Male 346 days
Living 4 Demigoddess chester The Serpe DarkElf Female 12 days
Left for Dead 4 Elven Princess Eowyn Nathyrnn Elf Female 91 days
Living 3 Harvester of Sorrow Maxkillian Inside dwelling Elf Female 201 days
Living 3 Queen Nessa The Grotto Vampire Female 14 days
Left for Dead 3 X o o X Nathyrnn Storm Giant Male 1165 days
Left for Dead 3 Valia Inside dwelling Human Female 907 days
Left for Dead 3 Ryanae Nathyrnn Vampire Female 988 days
Left for Dead 3 Rube TopsyCrets Eastern Pasturage Human Male 617 days
Living 3 Vassal Laura Inside dwelling Elf Female 35 days
Fallen 3 Vassal skywalker Ancient Elven Forest Devil Dog Male 219 days
Left for Dead 3 Squire GaBrIeL_BeCkEr Nathyrnn Devil Dog Male 52 days
Fallen 3 Page Ydum Nathyrnn Wasseler Race Female 185 days
Fallen 3 Vassal rockitking Eiglophian Mountains Devil Dog Male 165 days
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