gd th Gr rg: The Legend of Nathyrnn

Welcome to the Legend of the Nathyrnn, a browser based role playing game, based on Seth Able's Legend of the Red Dragon.
The current time in Nathyrnn is 10:51 am.
Next new game day in: 0h, 32m, 51s (real time)

The newest resident of NathrynN: Vassal Reloko

The current Battle Arena Leader is: Champion of Nathyrnn Iceman Pete.

The current leader of the Clan PvP Contest is Clan The Academy with 10 wins!
The current contest ends in 85 days.

Looking For Something Different?

Enter a world of uninterupted role-play and seriously deadly forest combat. In Nathyrnn, character development is the focus. Whether you seek a challenging combat system that requires you to think rather than click your way to a quick, mindless dragon kill ...
Or if you want to see your fantasy character come to life molded by the trials of focused roleplay where you and your companions decide your fate by the outcomes of your actions,
You are in the right place.

Nathyrnn features small group rp missions that culminate in site-wide events where real changes happen to the citizens and the Realm. Our rp'ers, play a major role in setting the course of history here because what happens if RP is the life of the Realm.

In addition to rp missions that use advanceable skills and elements of pen and paper gaming, there are realistic combat matches that test and improve your command of rp combat skills. In free form village RP you can express your character's nature in a setting where being "nice" is not mandatory. And we offer the toughest forests in LotGD. Bring your best to the table in our forests or you will be carried home on your shield.

Come to Nathyrnn where things happen!

The Medallion Contest Leader is Zealot Isenn.
The most recent warrior to vanquish the Chaos Monster is: Balthasar

The most recent hero of the realm is: Balthasar

Mission & Role-Play Schedule

The RiverLands Under Siege - Sunday Oct 15th, 2pm NT (CST)

Citizens of the Riverlands are reporting that their friends and family are disappearing, walking by the waters and suddenly are gone. The Queen is asking for a team to go out and find out what is causing these disappearances. YOM Nessa to join the team.
TEAM MEMBERS: Nadia, Charity, Arwen

Enter your name and password to enter the realm.

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The Legend of Nathyrnn

The NathrynN Shields

From Eastern breeze to Southern fire, ... Dance the dance to powers higher.
From western waves to Northern berm complete the circle and start the charm.
Circle round three times hence, ... Call the angels, form the fence,
All are gathered now is the time to state the purpose of the rhyme.
Come friends and travelers, be well-met. ... By our will the game is set.
Neither law nor chaos here hold sway, ... We seek a balance for the play.
Entwine the players like a poem, ... Each with voice, each with form.
Separate spirits glowing bright join to form a mighty light!
All is ready now to close with wall and gate by will imposed.
Blessed guardians set on each corner ill intent will ill luck garner.

Open hearts may freely pass into the Realm of NathrynN, others enter at their own risk.

Game server running version: 1.1.2 Dragonprime Edition
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Current Hit Count: 6,883,392
Quote: Kings Ranger Gavin blinks at the beasts forming and the sound of steel hissing on leather could be heard, his sword emerges from its sheethe, and in a glittering arc dessends down twoard one of the heads of the gollums. The force of the blow would split the beast.
Welcome to NathyrnN, a place where you are free to express your views and live your fantasies. All have equal rights here, but the day will go to the one with the strongest will and the cleverest mind because that is the way it should be.

Gather your courage warrior, because nothing is more frightening than freedom!

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